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The NAWCC Watch and Clock Podcast

In this episode, we cover updates from California Chapters and interview Ju Ping Song, founder of the NakedEye Ensemble. On June 9, 2018, Song led the premiere of Time’s Illusion, Stories in Sound. The performance was held at the National Watch & Clock Museum consisting of six composed pieces of music, each written by a different artist, using recorded live sounds from the timepieces in the museum, electro-acoustic instruments, video, text, and narration.

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This edition of the Watch & Clock Bulletin tells the story of a Herschede clock that was commissioned not just for high function and low maintenance, but to reflect the building in which it was housed. You can also take a horological tour of the Black Forest and read selected excerpts from a graduate thesis on Isaiah Lukens (1779-1846).


Mar Apr Mart 412 2020

March/April 2020 Mart & Highlights

These 72 pages of advertisements include premiere auctions from around the world, NAWCC Regional ads, NAWCC information, Chapter Highlights, and hundreds of ads featuring horological items to buy, sell, and trade.


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