The Railroaders' Corner

This popular feature focuses on how pocket watches helped the US railroad industry. These timpieces created order so that trains ran on schedule, preventing life-threatening crashes. 

Eventually, every collector whether they are a novice or expert becomes fascinated with these watches. 

Among the watches discussed in this series are Elgins, Dueber-Hampdens, Walthams, and Hamiltons.   

This feature was published for nearly 10 years in the Watch & Clock Bulletin and NAWCC Bulletin with the majority of columns coauthored by members Ed Ueberall and Kent Singer.

A master list contains each issue with its contents, an index, if you will.

Or members may search by the following years: 2005, 20082004, 2003, 2002, 20012000, 199919981997, and 1996.