NAWCC Bulletin No. 447: September/October 2020

Table of Contents

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Read About "Rado Watch Co.’s Earliest Chronometers" By C. Bradley Jacobs

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317 Rado Watch Co.’s Earliest Chronometers By C. Bradley Jacobs

324 An Unofficial Catalog of Harry Snider’s 1950s Clock Designs By Allan Symons, FNAWCC

344 Folk-Art Horology: Clocks and Watches in American Folk Paintings By Bob Frishman

361 A Detailed Examination of U.S. Watch Co.’s Production By Andrew H. Dervan, FNAWCC

372 How to Distinguish Between the Howard 3/4 Plate 16-Size Series 4 and 9 Checkerboard Movements By Selman A. Berger

375 Designing a Gear Train for the Motion of the Moon and Planets By Albert Pollard Sr.


323 Poem

353 Research Activities & News

359 Library and Museum Connections

382 In Memory Of/In Honor Of/Obituaries

384 Vox Temporis


380 Oversight & Advancement Accomplishments