NAWCC Bulletin No. 443: January/February

Table of Contents

Couldn’t make it to Germany? Then make sure to read Keith Lehman’s recap of the “2019 NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium: Time Made in Germany.” 


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6 Call for Nominations


4 Horology 1776

8 ENGRAVED IMAGES: A Historical Look at Their Development and Use in Clock Tablets By Paul Henion

8 Foreword

8 Introduction

8 Early Engraved Images

9 Lithograph Images

9 Woodcut Engravings

11 Electrotyping and/or the Voltaic Process

12 The Rise of Illustrated Newspapers

15 Illustrated Publications of the Mid-19th Century

27 The Engravers

36 Connecting the Woodcut Engravings to the Producers of Clock Tablets

36 Companies That Produced Clock Tablets

40 Case Studies

48 A Commentary of Engraved Images Reported

88 Closing Comments

88 Acknowledgments

89 Notes and References

92 2019 Ward Francillon Time Symposium: Time Made in Germany By Keith Lehman


91 Vox Temporis
96 In Memory of and Obituaries

“An 18th-Century Plantation Owner’s Watch,”