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The Appreciation & Authentication Of Civil War Timepieces
by Clint B. Geller

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Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-1-944018-06-1

Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-1-944018-08-5 



British Watchcase Gold and Silver Marks 1670-1970
by Philip T. Priestley

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ISBN-13: 978-1-944018-05-4



Antebellum Shelf Clock Making in Farmington and Unionville Villages, Connecticut
by Snowden Taylor and Mary Jane Dapkus

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ISBN: 978-1-944018-04-7

durfee   am watchmaking

Walter H. Durfee and His Clocks
by Owen H. & Jo Burt

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ISBN-13: 978-1-944018-02-3


by Michael Harrold

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ISBN-13: 978-1944018030 


Early American Tower Clocks
by Frederick Shelley
Edited by Donn Haven Lathrop

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ISBN 978-0-9823584-9-8

The Times of Their Lives: Women, Men, and the Clock and Watch Industry in Bristol, CT, 1900-1970

by Philip Samponaro

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ISBN 978-0-9823584-8-1
Challenging Repairs to Interesting Clocks
By Edwin U. Sowers III

The Clock Book
By Philip E. Balcomb

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ISBN 978-0-9823584-7-4.
Practical Watch Collecting for the Beginner
By Richard Watkins
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Clockmakers and
Watchmakers of America by Name and by Place
By Sonya L. Spittler, Thomas J. Spittler,
Chris H. Bailey
 ISBN13 978-0-9823584-3-6
Tick Tock Talk: The Collected History and Significance of Talking Clocks 
by Mark B. McKinley, 2010.
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An Empire in Time: Clocks and Clockmakers of Upstate New York
by G. Russell Oechsle, Helen Boyce, and Collaborators, 2003.
ISBN13 978-0-9668869-3-1
Aaron Lufkin Dennison, An Industrial Pioneer and his Legacy 
by Philip T. Priestley, 2009.
Order this publication from the NAWCC Store. ISBN13 978-0-9823584-1-2
Pennsylvania Clocks 1750-1850 
by J. Carter Harris (NAWCC Special Exhibit) 2002.

Lasser's List 
by Dr. Howard Lasser, 2009.
ISBN13 978-0-
Military Timepieces
by Commander William R. Bricker and the Society of Military Horologists NAWCC Chapter 143 (NAWCC Special Exhibit at the National Watch
and Clock Museum) 2001.
Morbier Clocks—History, Identification, and Repair 
by Lawrence A. Seymour, 2009.
Order this publication from the NAWCC Store. ISBN 13 978-0-9823584-0-5
  Early Watch Case Makers of England 1631 to 1720 
by Philip Priestley, 2000. 
ISBN13 978-0-9668869-1-7
Clockmakers & Clockmaking in Maine 1770-1900 
by Joseph R. Katra Jr., 2008.
Order this publication from the NAWCC Store. ISBN13 978-0-9668869-7-9
Early American Tower Clocks 
by Frederick Shelley (NAWCC Special Order Supplement
No. 2)  1999. ISBN13 978-0-9668869-0-0
Pennsylvania Shelf and Bracket Clocks 1750-1850 
by Edward F. LaFond Jr. and J. Carter Harris, 2008.
Order this publication from the NAWCC Store. ISBN13 978-0-9668869-8-6
  Hampden Watch Co. 
by James L. Hernick and Robert F. Arnold (NAWCC Special Order Supplement, No. 1) 1997.
Delaware Clocks 
by Philip D. Zimmerman,
(NAWCC for the Dover, DE, Biggs Museum of American Art) 2006. ISBN13 978-1-893287-06-8
  Swiss Timepiece Makers 1775-1885 
by Kathleen Pritchard (NAWCC Special Publication No. 5) 1997. 
ISBN13 978-0-914659-79-2
Pillar and Scroll
by Philip C. Gregory, with National Watch
and Clock Museum Curator Carter Harris, NAWCC Director of Education Katie Knaub, Guest
Curators Terry Brotherton and George Goolsby. 2006.

The Willard House and Clock Museum and the Willard Family Clockmakers 

by Dr. Roger W. Robinson
and Herschel B. Burt,
(NAWCC Special Publication
No. 4) 1996.


Boston: Cradle of Industrial Watchmaking
by George L. Collord III, Clint B. Geller, Michael C. Harrold, Thomas McIntyre,
David Penney, Ron Price, Philip T. Priestley, and Craig
Risch, (NAWCC Special Order Supplement No. 5) 2005. ISBN13 978-0-9668869-4-8

  Erastus Hodges 1782-1847, Connecticut Manufacturer, Merchant, Entrepreneur 
by Theodore B. Hodges (NAWCC Special Publication No. 3) 1994. 
ISBN13 978-0-914659-68-6
Origins of the Waltham Model 57, Evolution of the 
First Successful Industrialized Watch
by Ron Price (NAWCC Special Order Supplement No. 7) 2005. ISBN 13 978-0-9668869-6-2
  Charles Alvah Smith: Vermont Maker of Unusual Wood Clock 
by John M. Anderson (NAWCC Special Publication No. 2) 1989.

A Study of E. Howard & Co. Watchmaking Innovations 1858-1875 
by Clint B. Geller  (NAWCC Special Order Supplement No. 6) 2005. 
ISBN 13 978-0-9668869-5-5

Marion: A History of the United States Watch Company 
by William Muir and Bernard Kraus 
(NAWCC Special Publication No. 1) 1985.
ISBN 13 978-0-9614984-0-5