NAWCC Bulletin No. 388: October 2010

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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515 - American China Cased Clocks by Brian E. Stout
521 - When Is a Klok Not a Clock? When It’s a Bell! Carillon and Tower Clock Bells in the Netherlands by Cathy Koolen
526 - A Clock of the State of Georgia Governor’s Mansion by George Waterhouse and Pete Schreiner
531 - Unraveling the Mysteries of Killam & Co. by Ralph Denton Leach Jr. and Andrew H. Dervan
536 - William Jones of Philadelphia Dials by Tom Spittler
542 - The Waterbury Rotary Watch by William Dunn
555 - Watch Repair in America: Part Four—A Brief Study of Membership in National Professional Watchmaker Associations by David A. Christianson
561 - The Repeater Part 5: The IWC Minute Repeater by Richard Watkins
602 - The 2010 National Convention in York, PA by Lee Davis

537 - Wristwatches: Collectors Swoon over ‘20s Ladies’ Masterpieces by Bruce Shawkey
554 - Obituaries
554 - In Memoriam—Smiley M. Lumpkin
560 - In Memoriam—Joseph G. Mann
574 - Technical Tidbits No. 7: Tipping Escape Wheel Teeth by Stephen Nelson
577 - Why Do French Strap-Movement Clocks So Easily Go Out of Beat When You Wind Them? by Scotty Dean
579 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor
591 - Life, the Universe, and Everything by Joel Trenalone
592 - The National Watch and Clock Museum—"Collection database accessible online” by Noel Poirier
593 - Horologica
594 - The First One
597 - Vox Temporis  Letters to the Editor
599 - The Answer Box
605 - State of the Association
617 - Chapter Highlights
640 - NAWCC Staff

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