NAWCC Bulletin No. 385: April 2010

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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131 - A Simple Regulator with an Isochronous Combination of Pendulum and Escapement by Bernard Tekippe
139 - Watch Repair in America—A Historical Account by David A. Christianson
145 - Manhattan Watch Company—Part 1 by Michael C. Harrold
160 - A Serviceman’s Traveling Clock by Les Pook
161 - Fredericton City Hall Tower Clock—Part 1 by Alex Cummings
168 - American Painted Dials: “Boston” Dials by Tom Spittler
169 - Mt. Vernon Tablets on Full-Size Waltham Willard Clocks by Andrew H. Dervan
173 - The House of Snider Clock Co.: Harry Snider’s Clock Companies in Toronto 1950-1976 by Allan Symons
182 - Where Have You Been All My Life? by Ern Grover
183 - Saul Gerson Lewbel: Watchmaker, Jeweler, & Businessman by Sam Lewbel

186 - Some Thoughts on Pivot Locator Hooks—Getting that Final Gear to Drop In by Scotty Dean
189 - The Basic Watch Service (COR) by Joel Trenalone
191 - Technical Tidbits: The Joys of Pallets by Stephen Nelson
194 - Wristwatches: Zenith Watches Attract Loyal Following by Bruce Shawkey
201 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor
213 - The National Watch and Clock Museum: Daunting Task Becomes Valued Resource by Kimberly Shirey
214 - In Memoriam—Rose Prototo Brandt
215 - In Memoriam—Joseph Ennis
215 - Obituaries
216 - Vox Temporis  Letters to the Editor
219 - The Answer Box
222 - The First Ones
224 - 2009 Award Recipients
230 - We’re Looking for a Few Good Members... to Serve on the Board of Directors for the 2011-2015 Term  by Frank Del Greco
231 - Chapter Highlights
253 - Chapter Officers
256 - NAWCC Staff
Cover - Dates to Remember

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