NAWCC Bulletin No. 439: May/June 2019

Table of Contents

Our feature article, “An 18th-Century Plantation Owner’s Watch,” by Richard Newman, tells the tale of an ornate watch retailed in Charleston, SC, and the Greek myth it depicts.

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199 Watch Presented to Brigadier General William Jackson Palmer by the Officers of the 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry By Clint B. Geller, FNAWCC

211 An 18th-Century Plantation Owner’s Watch By Richard Newman

217 Creating a Clear Watch Movement Using Three-Dimensional

221 From Gold to Iron: Peter Henlein’s Watch-Making By Dietrich Matthes and Rocío Sánchez-Barrios

229 Horology in Australia By Bob Frishman, FNAWCC

239 A Clock Doctor Cures an Ailing Foucault By Darcy Bertelmann

251 Spring Cleaning By Ann K. Wagner

255 Unusual Custom-Made Cedar Wood Tall Case Clock With a Hybrid Movement By Randy Jaye


197 Answer Box
234 Poem
235 Museum Connection
245 Research Activities & News
253 Life IS Fair!
262 Watch News
266 Fantastic Finds & Related Tales
268 Education Spotlight and Regional Recap
270 Kenneth D. Roberts Horological Research Award and NAWCC Code of Conduct
273 NAWCC Contributing Members
275 For All Time Rides Again
278 In Memory of and Obituaries
280 NAWCC Champions

“An 18th-Century Plantation Owner’s Watch,”