NAWCC Bulletin No. 437: January/February 2019

Table of Contents

Our sample article, “An E. N. Welch Clock Tablet Commentary, Or Where the River Rhone and the Erie Canal Shall Meet,” by Paul Henion, features the author’s search for the meaning behind some unique images. The author shares his research and conclusions, welcoming reader comments. 

jan feb 2019 cover

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6 Temple of Time by Keith Lehman

11 An English Marine Chronometer for the Last American Flagged Passenger Steamship Company by Burt Cifrulak

16 Design and Material Changes for the 12S, Pat’d ’12 Keystone–Howard Movement By Selman A. Berger

21 An Exquisite 19th-Century Travel Clock by Barwise, London By Thomas R. Wotruba

26 An E. N. Welch Clock Tablet Commentary, Or Where the River Rhone and the Erie Canal Shall Meet By Paul Henion

30 Rufus Porter and His Clock By Bob Frishman

36 When Mechanical Clocks Strike: Sound Quality of a Chime Tube, Chime Rod, and Nested Bell By Cody McKenzie, David Moline, and John Wagner

51 Charles Lowndes Hour and Quarter Repeater Movement By Pete Ekins

57 Living With My Sea Clock By Douglas S. Drumheller

65 NAWCC 2018 Ward Francillon Time Symposium: Cars, Clocks & Watches

71 Gebruder Eppner: An Extraordinary German Industrial Watchmaker By David Christianson

75 Horology and Bicycles: An Unlikely Pairing? By Patricia Holloway, FNAWCC Association News

80 2019 NAWCC Election


5 The Answer Box
10 Happenings at Headquarters
32 Life IS Fair!
34 Fantastic Finds
44 Research Activities & News
49 Horologica
91 In Memory of and Obituaries
94 For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign