NAWCC Bulletin No. 436: November/December 2018

Table of Contents

Our sample article is from Research Activities & News: “Early 19th-Century Connecticut Clock Making and Freemasonry,” by Mary Jane Dapkus. The author has found documentary proof that several early 19th-century Connecticut clockmakers were Masons. Several examples of shelf clocks with Masonic decorations are provided.

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479 Waltham-Howard Watches Part 2: The Watches by Jerry Treiman, Gene Fuller, Carl Goetz, and Art Leibold

506 Mechanical Revival Continues, Quartz Remains Dominant, Larger Is Better, Smartwatches Go Mainstream, and the Apple Watch Arrives by Randy Jaye

558 NAWCC Inc.’s 75th Celebration by Christiane Odyniec

560 Kudos to All! 2018 NAWCC Convention by Lu Sadowski and Marion Krajewski

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546 Thank You To Our Authors
551 2018 Crafts Competition


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