NAWCC Bulletin No. 435: September/October 2018

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Our sample article is “Le Locle on the Seine: Artisanal and Entrepreneurial Traditions in Henri Jacot’s Parisian Atelier,” by Larry L. Fabian. The author uses the metaphor of a Le Locle on the Seine to invite the reader to imagine a “virtual” community among the carriage clockmakers in the Marais. The article bookends itself with the painting, Clock Maker, by David Chalfant, 1899.

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385 Le Locle on the Seine: Artisanal and Entrepreneurial Traditions in Henri Jacot’s Parisian Atelier by Larry L. Fabian

399 Waltham-Howard Watches Part 1: How They Came To Be by Jerry Treiman, Gene Fuller, Carl Goetz, and Art Leibold

414 The Marvelous Maillardet Automaton Part 1: Introduction and State of the Art by Andrew Baron

424 The French Revolution in Three Watches: A Promise, A Disappointment, and a Puzzle by Michael Edidin

430 Freda Conner Retires by Christiane Odyniec

440 Twentieth-Century Technology to Restore a Nineteenth-Century Clock: Restoration of an Upson Bros. Cottage Clock by Thomas H. Morris

446 Progression of Wristwatch Styles: From Bracelet Watches to Smartwatches Part 5: 1980–1999: The Swatch, Fashion Watches, Multifunctions, and the Mechanical Revival by Randy Jaye

463 Life IS Fair! 1905 Lewis & Clark Centennial and American Pacific Exposition and Oriental Fair by Patricia Holloway


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384 Poem
431 TechTime
439 The Answer Box
453 Research Activities & News
458 Horologica
462 Vox Temporis Letters to the Editor
465 WatchNews
468 In Memory of and Obituaries
469 For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign