NAWCC Bulletin No. 434: July/August 2018

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Our sample article is “National Watch & Clock Museum: From the Basement to the Top,” by Lindsey Campbell

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Watch & Clock Bulletin is aware that some of its readers have visual impairments. Therefore, we have begun to experiment with sound files for Bulletin articles. This month we provide two sound files: History of the NAWCC Library by Sara Butler-Tongate and Research Activities and News by Ed Fasanella. Please know that these are simply first steps – there will be glitches. Please provide any comments by emailing Christiane Odyniec at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


434 SmallCover

303 The History of the NAWCC, Inc. by Christiane Odyniec

305 NAWCC Firsts by Gillian Radel

307 “Open January 2100” by Nancy Nonnenmocher

308 The Origins of the Mart’s Cryptogram by Deena Mack

309 Anthony Prasil: Clock Man by Ann Prasil Karam

310 280 Characters for 75 Years

312 My Life at the NAWCC by Freda Conner

313 In Other News… by Christiane Odyniec

314 National Watch & Clock Museum: From the Basement to the Top by Lindsey Campbell

319 Anniversary Special Exhibits by Noel Poirier

322 History of the NAWCC Library by Sara Butler-Tongate

324 NAWCC Archives Go Digital by Kate Van Riper

327 NAWCC Conventions by Marion Krajewski and Lu Sadowski

328 The NAWCC Ward Francillon Time Symposium: 38 and Counting by Bob Frishman

330 The School of Horology by Drew Zimmerman

331 NAWCC Watch & Clock Webinars and Traveling Workshops by Patricia Holloway and Pete Cronos

333 The NAWCC: Harbor of Hamilton Watch Co. History by Keith Lehman

338 Thoughts on the Future of Horology, Particularly the Wristwatch

338 The Future of Clocks and Watches by David A. Sperling

339 Thoughts on the Future of Wristwatches by Bruce Shawkey

340 NAWCC at 100: Predictions for the Watch World in the Year 2043 by John Reardon

340 The Future of Horology for Independent Watch and Clockmakers by David Walter

341 Future of the Watch Market by Gary George Girdvainis

341 We Are the Timekeepers by Ken Hogwood

342 The Last Finest American-Made Grandfather Clock by Christine Griffen

370 Tempus Vitam Regit Society

371 John Harrison Endowment Society

372 For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign

376 The 1943 Heritage Society


299 Vox Temporis | Letters to the Editor
299 Poem
300 The Answer Box
301 Research Activities & News
302 Fantastic Finds & Related Tales
325 New Books & Videos
355 In Memory of, In Honor of, and Obituaries