NAWCC Bulletin No. 430: November/December 2017

Table of Contents

Our sample article, “Two William B. Lorton ‘Iron Front’ Clocks Made to His May 1, 1855, Patent Design,” by Lee Davis presents a study of two of Davis’s clocks as well as the original Lorton patent.

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488 Life IS Fair! by Patricia Holloway, FNAWCC

493 Two William B. Lorton "Iron Front" Clocks Made to His May 1, 1855, Patent Design by Lee Davis, FNAWCC

497 Design and Materials Features for the Keystone-Howard 16S Bridge Model Movements by Selman A. Berger

511 Progression of Wristwatch Styles: From Bracelet Watches to Smartwatches Part 1 by Randy Jaye

540 Reproduce an Antique Kitchen Clock Shelf: An Interesting Challenge by David J. Hagberg

484 Eli Porter, Clockmaker of Williamstown, MA: His Town, His Life, His Clock by David A. Sperling


484 Vox Temporis | Letters to the Editor
486 Statement of Ownership
487 NAWCC 2018 Pritchard Prize Call for Entries
490 Fantastic Finds & Related Tales
492 Poem
517 WatchNews
519 Horology in Art
520 Tech Time
526 Research Activities & News
571 National Watch & Clock Museum & Library
574 In Memory of and Obituaries
556 Thank You To Our Authors
562 2017 Crafts Competition
575 For All Time: 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign Donors