NAWCC Bulletin No. 412: November/December 2014

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Our sample article this issue (public view) is: "The Bicentennial Commemorative Clock" by Andrew H. Dervan

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565 - Preserving and Displaying Our Horological Heritage by George Goolsby
572 - Fashion Calendar Clocks: Revisited & Updated, Part 1 by Gerald Siegel
584 - 2014 Crafts Competition by Jay Holloway
592 - An American Backcountry Tall Clock Made by Four Modern Masters Part 2 by Walt H. Sirene
602 - The Harman Watch Company by Jack Silverstein
606 - Affordable Time: America’s Contribution, Significant Events in the Development of Mass Production of Clocks from 1750 to 1850 by Chris H. Bailey
621 - Was It Eli Terry or Was It Napoleon? by Tom Spittler
624 - The Bicentennial Commemorative Clock by Andrew H. Dervan
629 - The Hunterdon County Clock Case & the Enigmatic John Guild by David Sperling
638 - Hallmarking of Watches Imported into Britain during the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries by David Boettcher
657 - You Can Make a Wooden Geared Clock by Robert J. Turner


566 - In Full Revolt a poem by James J. Raciti
567 - Vox Temporis – Letters to the Editor
570 - The First One ... or ... I Collect Because by Thomas Dorward and Tony McNair
571 - Statement of Ownership
583 - Horology in Art–Part 17 by Bob Frishman
651 - Telling Time a poem by Raymond Comeau
652 - Wristwatches: Eberhard “Our Product Is Our Testimony” by Bruce Shawkey
660 - The Answer Box with Scotty Dean, Al Stevenson, Jim Connell, Allan Symons, and Tom Spittler
664 - The National Watch and Clock Museum by Noel Poirier
665 - Fantastic Finds and Related Tales by Fredric J. Friedberg, editor
667 - Horologica by Bob Frishman
668 - In Memoriam – Carl Carlson
668 - Obituaries – In Memory Of  / In Honor Of
669 - Chapter Officers
672 - NAWCC Staff