NAWCC Bulletin No. 410: July/August 2014

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Our sample article this issue (public view) is: "LBJ's Hamilton Pacer" by Rene Rondeau

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339 - Campaigning for Our Future by George Goolsby
348 - The Clocks of the London Undergound Part 1 by David J. Boullin
366 - A Story about a Clock by David Boyd Jr.
372 - ODO or What? A Curious European Clock Medly by Jürgen Primas
374 - Toothpick a poem by Raymond Comeau
375 - Saga of an Antique French Pocket Watch by G. F. Prange
376 - Restoration of a 1950-1960 Automatic Automobile Clock by Robert C. Wiseman
379 - Neoclassical Architecture, Heraldry, and Simon Willard’s Earliest Reverse Paintings: Their Sources of Inspiration by Richard Perlman
399 - A Homebuilt Synchronome Clock, Design and Development by Ronald Manherz
388 - LBJ’s Hamilton Pacer by René Rondeau
405, 435 - Remembering Hamilton by Robert L. Hostetter
411 - Flat-Wheel Cylinder Escapement: Reproduction of a Wheel or Small Clock Movement by Philip W. Kuchel
415 - John E. Kampe, Inventor by Andrew H. Dervan
422 - Electric Railways and the Hamilton Watch Co. by Howard Lasser and Rhett Lucke


341 - Vox Temporis – Letters to the Editor
342 - Horologica by Fortunat F. Mueller-Maerki
345 - Fantastic Finds and Related Tales by Fredric J. Friedberg, editor
365 - Horology in Art–Part 15 by Bob Frishman
368 - Wristwatches: Glycine Marks 100th Anniversary by Bruce Shawkey
392 - Technical Tidbits No. 24: Mechanism Holders and Stands by Stephen Nelson
406 - The First One or I Collect ... Because by Roger B. Kreiger and Norm Withrow
408 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor, editor
419 - In Memoriam – James Leazer
420 - In Memoriam – Jane Varkaris
420 - Obituaries
421 - In Memoriam – Paul Tytschkowski / In Memory Of / In Honor Of
434 - The National Watch and Clock Museum by Noel Poirier
436 - The Answer Box with Tom Spittler, Scotty Dean, and Al Stevenson
439 - Donor Recognition: April 2013 to March 2014
445 - Chapter Officers
448 - NAWCC Staff