NAWCC Bulletin No. 403: May/June 2013

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Our sample article this issue (public view) is:
A Longcase Movement from the Workshop of George Graham? by Peter Tol

227 - Our Story of the Adams & Perry Watch Company and the Early Watch Companies of Lancaster, PA by George Meyer and Burt Cifrulak
242 - Revealing the Unique History of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, Clockmakers by Randy Jaye
253 - Dating Early English Verge Watches 1660-1730 by Dennis Radage
265 - Seth Thomas Clock Company’s Grand Office Calendar by Gregory Gorton
277 - Francois Borgel, Louisa Borgel, and the Taubert Family − Part 4: The Taubert Family, continued by David Boettcher
289 - A Clock Mystery Unraveled by Tom Spittler
296 - A Longcase Movement from the Workshop of George Graham? by Peter Tol
300 - Eli Terry and the Interchangeability of Wooden Tall Clock Wheels - An excerpt from a transcribed talk given by the late Ward Francillon. Edited by Snowden Taylor

238 - Horology in Art − Part 8 by Bob Frishman
239 - Vox Temporis − Letters to the Editor
273 - In Memoriam − Martin C. Feldman
274 - Horologica by Albert Dodson, Fortunat Mueller-Maerki, and Richard Watkins
288 - In Memoriam − Douglas Howerth Shaffer
302 - Tavannes: Rebuilding a Brand − Part 2 of 2: 1974-2013 by Bruce Shawkey
305 - The First One or I Collect ... Because by Joseph E. Jones and William Nelson
308 - Fantastic Finds and Related Tales by Fredric J. Friedberg   
311 - Technical Tidbits No. 20 − Making Videos by Stephen Nelson
317 - The National Watch and Clock Museum by Noel Poirier and Sara Dockery
318 - The Answer Box with Richard Cross, Larry Crutsinger, and William Stoddard
320 - Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor
332 - Obituaries
332 - In Memory of / In Honor of
333 - Chapter Officers
336 - NAWCC Staff


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