NAWCC Bulletin No. 400: November/December 2012

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Our sample article this issue (public view) is:
"He Found an Easier Way to Wind This Clock" by Jack Linahan

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563 - Thank You, Dr. Snowden Taylor, FNAWCC*
567 - Underwriters Presentation Timepieces and the Story of a Man, a Ship, and a Chronometer Watch by Jon Weber
575 - The Times of Their Lives: Women, Men, and the Clock and Watch Industry in Bristol, CT, 1900-1970 – Epilogue by Philip Samponaro
577 - Creating the Dragon Lyre Clock by Edward H. Stone
589 - Fretwork Designs and Fabrication by Don Hampton
593 - A 9-Day Franklin-Style Timepiece by Roger Gendron
597 - The ABC’s of the Self Winding Clock Company’s Rotary Movement by J. Alan Bloore
609 - He Found an Easier Way to Wind This Clock by Jack Linahan
614 - François Borgel, Louisa Borgel, and the Taubert Family – Louisa Borgel, Part Two by David Boettcher
628 - Does the American Watch Industry Need Further Protection? by Andrew H. Dervan

584 - Horology in Art – Part 5 by Bob Frishman
585 - The 2012 NAWCC Crafts Competition by Wayne Laning
613 - Statement of Ownership
625 - In Memoriam – David Morgan
625 - Obituaries
626 - In Memoriam – Bernard J. Edwards
627 - In Memoriam – Stacy B. C. Wood Jr.
627 - In Memory Of / In Honor Of
632 - Fantastic Finds by Fredric J. Friedberg
637 - Technical Tidbit No. 17 – Six-Jaw “Bezel” Chucks by Stephen Nelson
640 - Wristwatches – Pierce Watch Company: Innovative and Fiercely Independent by Bruce Shawkey
645 - The First One by Ronald Marr, Wesley Grau, and Robert H. Chapman
648 - Vox Temporis – Letters to the Editor
649 - Horologica by Fortunat Mueller-Marki and Bob Frishman
652 - The Answer Box with Dennis Radage, Kent Singer, and Tom Spittler
655 - The National Watch and Clock Museum by Paul G. Humber and Sara Dockery
657 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor and contributors
669 - Chapter Officers
672 - NAWCC Staff

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