NAWCC Bulletin No. 396: March/April 2012

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Our sample article this issue (public view) is:
"Memories of My Father, Philip Spory, a Watchmaker" by Gerhard Spory

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115 - Emilian Wehrle: The Man and His Clocks by Justin J. Miller and Alfred L. Wehrle
131 - Wakers by D. K. Stevenson and M. J. Wilson
135 - The Johnson Clockmakers of Sanbornton, NH: Highly Regarded, Little Known! by David A. Sperling
143 - Horology in Art—Part 1 by Bob Frishman
144 - Memories of My Father, Philip Spory, a Watchmaker by Gerhard Spory
149 - The Advertising Dust Proof Watch Key of 1874 by Charles B. Wallace
153 - The Times of Their Lives: Women, Men, and the Clock and Watch Industry in Bristol, CT, 1900-1970—Part 1 by Philip Samponaro   
171 - The “Convict” Consul and the “Undertaker’s” Consul by Frederic J. Friedberg
177 - A Pictorial View of American Watchcase Factories by Andrew H. Dervan

170 - The National Watch & Clock Museum by Noel Poirier and Greg Gorton
169 - In Memoriam—Marvin F. DeBoy
185 - 2011 NAWCC Award Recipients
191 - Technical Tidbits No. 13—“Mechanism Assembly Tips” by Stephen Nelson
195 - The First One by Lee H. Davis and Don H. Middleton
198 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor and contributors
210 - Horologica by Bob Frishman and Fortunat Mueller-Maerki
213 - Obituaries
214 - Answer Box with answers by Alan Bloore, Scotty Dean, Tom Spittler, and Al Stevenson
218 - Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
221 - Chapter Officers
224 - NAWCC Staff

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