NAWCC Bulletin No. 442: November/December

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What do a coming-of-age celebration for a young woman in 1893 and a spinster’s will from 1951 have to do with a Drocourt carriage clock? Read Larry L. Fabian’s “Carriage Clock Provenance as Biography” to find out. 

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480 A Pre-Digital Digital Clock By Neil L. Kuns

482 Carriage Clock Provenance as Biography: The Life Story of an Aristocratic Gift By Larry L. Fabian

492 William Markham Jr. and His Overpasted Southern Labels on Connecticut-Manufactured Clocks By George Waterhouse

508 A Rare “Patent” Torsion Clock By Carlos E. Blanco and José M. Rico

520 History and Preservation of Daytona Beach’s Unique Coquina Clock Tower By Randy Jaye

537 Characteristics of a “Jacob Graff” Tall Case Clock? By Stephen Quinn

543 Woodworks by the Cheney Family By Jim DuBois

552 Thank You to Our 2019 Writers

557 2019 NAWCC National Convention Recap

560 2019 Crafts Competition


477 Vox Temporis
498 Horology 1776
499 Research Activities & News
535 Horologica
536 Life IS Fair!
551 Watch News
556 Poem
566 In Memory of and Obituaries
507 Statement of Ownership

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