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Search for article references containing words phrases.

The search argument can be a boolean expression using (*) as a wild card and the charactrers (+) for required words and (-) for forbidden words. To find an exact phrase, you may enclose it in (") characters. If you are familiar with complex boolean searches more complex expressions are allowed. However, the text is limited to the text fields in the Bulletin Index. You cannot search the full text of articles.

The returned information from your index search is displayed in ten fields, from left to right.

  • Reference Number: The serial number of the keyword tag assigned to the reference.
  • Primary: The subject being referenced.
  • Secondary: Additional information about the article.
  • Class: One or two letter code describing the reference.
    • A - Author   C - Clockmaker   O - Other    P - Personality  S - Subject   W - Watchmaker   R - Book Review   X - Minor mention.
  • Bulletin Volume Number: Per year
  • Bulletin Issue Number: Continuous count of issues
  • Page Numbers: page for reference with begin and end for article.
  • Score: How many elements match in your search criteria.
Bulletin Search

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