NAWCC Bulletin No. 150: February 1971

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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884 – Long Alarms Made by Western Clock Company by Adolph Amend
905 – Description of a German Mantel Clock by J. J. Singer
929 – T. W. R. McCabe’s Patent Calendar Clock by Joel J. Einhorn
941 – The Influence of English Clock Case Designs on American Clock Case Styles by Kenneth D. Roberts
901 – A Matter of Mistaken Identity by David Cooper
943 – A Note on Clock and Watch Oils by L. M. Leeds
896 – A First Reader for Clock Restorers by W. Clyde Lammey
908 – Restoration of a Wooden Clock Case by Irving Cooperman
935 – An Electrical Clock-Winder by Louis K. Warden
874 – “Election ’71”…Biographies of Candidates by D. H. Shaffer
892 – A Calligraphic Clock by G. W. Monk
918 – Program Material
919, 920, and 921 – Convention Information
922 – Clockmaker Patriots by James W. Gibbs
924 – Answer Box
928 – Dates To Remember
945 – Vox Temporis
956 – Phil Jenkins Gives His Personal Impressions of the 1970 NAWCC European Tour
965 – Library Committee Pages
970 – New Members
983 – Chapter Activities

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