The National Watch & Clock Museum is a proud member of the Library Systems of Lancaster County Family Museum Pass program!

     As a Family Museum Pass participant, we support our community by offering free admission to local families by means of special passes that can be checked out from their local library.

      The Museum Collection is international in scope and covers a wide variety of clocks, watches, tools, and other time-related items. Our collection ranges from nineteenth-century American clocks and watches through early English tallcase clocks, Asian timepieces from Japan and China, and timekeeping devices from Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Russia.

     Chronologically, the exhibits take you on a tour through the entire history of timekeeping technology from early non-mechanical devices to today's atomic and radio-controlled clocks. A fun and informative family-friendly experience for enthusiasts, scholars, and interested guests alike.

     Visiting families are invited to join us in taking a fascinating trip into the world of timekeeping through exhibits, displays, and interactive learning stations comprised of over 12,000 treasures of time.

The Family Museum Pass program was initiated by The Library Systems of Lancaster County in 2006, and provides free entry to families into participating museums in an effort to reach out to better serve Lancaster County families, bringing the world of science to our youngest children and family members. The Family Museum Pass program is jointly sponsored by the Len & Pat Eiserer Fund and the Eiserer-Hickey Fund of the Lancaster Community Foundation. 

Please visit the Library System of Lancaster County website to learn more.





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