NAWCC Bulletin No. 234: February 1985

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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4 – A Jeweled Clock—“Minneapolis 77” by Anthony Gohl
15 – Webb C. Ball Miscellanea by Leonard M. Campbell and Eugene T. Fuller
25 – Gainesville—Alachua County Clock Tower by Theodore R. Crom
31 – Horology and the Whole Man by Dana J. Blackwell
35 – The Warren Telechron Master Clock Type A by Harry S. Holcomb III
and Robert Webb
41 – The Clock Repair Primer by Philip E. Balcomb
38 – A New Dimension for a Chapter by Sam Ledbetter
39 – Early Giants: Oscar Theodore Lang by John A. Miner and Dr. E. E. Petersen
53 – Fred Frick Clock Company by Theodore Carbaugh
56 – List of Candidates for 1985 Election
67 – Research Activities and News
72 – The 41st National Convention by Martha Smallwood
77 – The NAWCC Museum
80 – The Great Horological Transition: Handcrafting to Manufacturing, Recap of the 5th Annual NAWCC Seminar by Arlene J. Bizlewicz
87 – Vox Temporis
91 – The Answer Box
97 – Dates To Remember
98 – Necrology
99 – Chapter Highlights
125 – Chapter Officers

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