Call for Nominations for Appointed Board of Directors Positions for the 2013 – 2017 Term


This is a call for nominations for appointed positions to the NAWCC Board of Directors to be filled in spring of 2015. Three directors will be appointed to four-year terms.

Director appointment is the way in which individuals with special experience and proven skills may be placed in service on the Board in order to fill needs that may exist. Special qualifications may include financial planning, legal counsel, museum management, fundraising and development, organizational leadership, as well as others.

Candidates for appointment may be self-nominated or may be nominated by others. Interested members are encouraged to self-nominate by using a prepared form available on the member documents page of the NAWCC website:, in the Mart & Highlights published in May/June of this year, or by contacting Steve Humphrey at (717) 684-8261, ext 209. Nominations should be submitted soon as possible for full consideration, but must be delivered no later than April 5, 2015, to headquarters in Columbia, PA.

The Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) will interview candidates regarding their interests and eligibility under the requirements listed below. By mid-April, 2015, NEC will select, from among all candidates, two who are best qualified to serve special needs, and present them to the Board of Directors for appointment. If either of these is not approved for appointment by the Board, then the NEC will present additional candidates, one at a time, until the two positions are filled.

Eligibility Requirements for Candidates for the Board
Be a member in good standing of NAWCC, with no adverse decisions regarding ethics violations. Be willing to consistently perform a Director’s job, which may include officer and committee duties. Agree to sign and abide by the Board code of ethical conduct, which is included with BOD documents on the NAWCC website: Understand and agree to abide by common law and statutory fiduciary duties of non-profit boards, and agree to possible training in the performance of non-profit board duties if needed.

Be prepared to participate in two physical Board meetings, and to serve as national representative at one or more regionals each year. This will require at least ten days away from home, and travel/lodging expense will be reimbursed. Also be capable and prepared to take part in monthly meetings via Internet and to participate in email discussions.

Board duties include the setting and evaluation of strategic goals and objectives, writing committee guidance documents and selecting committee chairs, establishment and monitoring of fiscal policies, participation in raising of funds through appeals, donations, and development programs, and maintenance of an effective and productive relationship with the Executive Director.

Former members of the Board, Council, or Trustees may serve if at least one term has passed since last service.
Service as a Director is a serious and vitally important role within our organization. It is an opportunity to help shape our direction for the future, using your special talents, commitment, and enthusiasm. Your service will be welcomed, and you are encouraged to self-nominate.

The Nominating and Elections Committee