Open to the public.
November 7-9, 2013
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California


"Time for Everyone" is a unique opportunity to learn about the origins, evolution, and future of public time from some of the foremost authorities in many branches of time measurement. From its natural cycles in astronomy, to its biological evolution, to how the brain processes it differently at various stages of life and under different circumstances, to how we find it, how we measure it, and how we keep it, this symposium will explore many facets of this fascinating subject of unfathomable depth.


In addition to the outstanding presentations listed below, three incredible opportunities are available at this Symposium: A unique Thomas Tompion exhibit, an information-exchange networking opportunity with the world's leading horological organizations, and a brilliant Sunday schedule of horological touring and pleasurable learning.

See timeforeveryone.org for additional program information.


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Time for Everyone Speakers and Topics

James Arthur Lecture "The Time of Our Lives" William J. H. Andrewes

Session I: Finding Time
"The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time" Sean Carroll
"The Meaning of Time in Biology" Lynn Rothschild
"Time and the Brain" David Eagleman
"Recycling Time" E. C. Krupp

Session II: Keeping Time
"The Bell and the Clock: The Need for Public Time" Dava Sobel
"From Water to Weights: The Mechanisms and Functions of Public Time Devices from the Early Middle Ages to ca. 1650" Anthony Turner
"Precision Crunching, 1650-1900: Measuring Time Accurately over 250 Years" Jonathan Betts
"Bond Time: Pendulum, Spring, and Wire" Donald Saff

Session III: Changing Time
"Time and the Modern Economy" Tracy Dennison
"The Great Age of the Tower Clock" Chris McKay
"Affordable Time: America's Contribution" Chris Bailey
"The Standardizing of Civil Time" Geoff Chester

Session IV: Using Time
"The Taming of Time" Jed Z. Buchwald
"From Bain to Shortt-Electrical Timekeeping: 1840-1940"James Nye
"The Quartz Revolution: Quartz Clocks and the Public in Britain, 1930-1960" David Rooney
"Atomic Clock: Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?" Thomas O'Brian
"Time, Einstein, and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe" Bill Phillips

Full Symposium activities commence at 2:00 p.m., Nov. 7, with these special presentations: "The Evolution of Tower Clock Movements and Their Design over the Past 800 Years" by Mark Frank and "Extreme Amateur Timekeeping: From Harrison to Einstein" by Tom Van Baak.