Recent budgetary shortfalls have inspired some philanthropists among us! On June 11th, NAWCC Peace Pipe Chapter 83, a relatively small chapter of 33 members (though large and seasoned in spirit!) stepped up to support the NAWCC, pledging $500.00 to the association from their own chapter treasury and challenging other chapters to do the same.


Original Challenge Letter

Soon after, Chicagoland Chapter 3 answered the call, pledging double that amount ($1000) in a similar gesture of support. Near the end of July, a third chapter, Ventura and Santa Barbara Chapter 190, again took up the gauntlet by matching Chapter 83's pledge with one of their own ($500). And even more recently, Ozark Chapter 57 has also made an unrestricted contribution ($500) in response to the Peach Pipe challenge! 

We at the NAWCC cannot adequately express our appreciation for much-needed donations during these difficult financial times. But as long as we share this great organization with fine people such as those above, we shall continue to share our love of horology for many years to come.