2011 BOD Backup Material

Documents for December 2011 Board Meeting

Budget for the 2012 Symposium

DTF Preliminary Report

DTF Progress Report

Marketing Department

EDT Force

Chapter Growth Idea

Delegation to the Executive Director

NWCM 5 Year Strategic Plan

Proposed Electronic Meeting Procedure Change

Documents for November 2011 Board Meeting

Revised Proposal Long Term NAWCC Investment Fund Policy

Revised Proposal Short Term NAWCC Investment Fund Policy

Documents for September 2011 Board Meeting

Revisions NAWCC Long Term Investment Fund Policy

Revisions October 2011 Short Term Investment Fund Policy

 Documents for September 2011 Board Meeting

eMeeting Procedure Draft

Public Day Policy

Escorted Visitor Policy revised


Documents for August 2011 Board Meeting

Terry Casey Bio

Documents for July 2011 Board Meeting

Motions & Directives Definitions & Protocols

BOD Definitions & Protocols (Updated July 28, 2011)

Documents for June 2011 Board Meeting

Revised Chapter Handbook (Draft-5/24/11)

Cog Counters Approval Request

Senate Bill 1205 Act 141

Regional Manual R3

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Documents for May 2011 Board Meeting

Board Code R1

Member Code R7

Staff Code of Ethical Conduct R2

Complaint Procedure R7

Short Term Investment Fund Policy

Documents for April 2011 Board Meeting

Revised Standing Rules

David Dunn

Mary Ann Wahlner

Michael Dempsey

Documents for March 2011 Board Meeting

Public Day Document

Documents for January 2011 Board Meeting

Policy Objectives

Final Draft of the Bylaws 12-3-2010

Standing Rules October 2010