Convention Speakers

Come to Dayton for the 2013 National Convention! One of the treats will be a great slate of experts speaking on a variety of interesting subjects, many focused on Seth Thomas, who first started clockmaking on his own 200 years ago! See you there.

Ian K. Roome
200 Years of Seth Thomas
(Kickoff speaker at 7 p.m. on Wednesday.)
December 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the famed Seth Thomas Clock Co. of Plymouth Hollow, CT. This presentation captures the remarkable growth, diversification, and sustainability of this great business enterprise—whose products spanned the globe—from its genesis in the acquisition of the Heman Clark Clock Factory in 1813 to the very recent demise (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy) of its parent corporation in Georgia. [This program immediately follows the Chapter Relations Reception held in the lobby of the 600-seat theater on the 3rd floor of the Dayton Convention Center.]

Doug Cowan
Evolution of Travel Clocks
NAWCC member for over 40 years, a Fellow, Star Fellow, and past NAWCC President, Doug has had a broad range of horological interests. Recently, he has been studying the evolution of the small portable clocks taken by travelers to tell time. From the application of the fusee in the 1400s to Breguet’s final form of the carriage clock in the 1790s, the gentle evolution of these clocks is exposed. See many beautiful slides of beautiful clocks!

Greg Gorton
Seth Thomas Perpetual Calendars
From Greensboro, NC, Greg only recently joined the NAWCC. He  is particularly interested in late nineteenth-century American perpetual-calendar clocks. His talk is an overview of Seth Thomas Office and Parlor Calendar clocks, and attendees will receive his identification guide. If you like beautiful and mechanically interesting clocks, then you don’t want to miss this presentation.

Earl Harlamert
Seth Thomas Regulators
A native of Dayton, OH, a Fellow, and a 35-year NAWCC member, Earl’s longtime interest has been Seth Thomas in general and its wall regulators in particular. He has been the “spark plug” of Dayton’s local chapter, a three-time president, and is responsible for this year’s display of Seth Thomas clocks. If you want something done, just ask Earl. He has spent a lifetime establishing his fine collection of Seth Thomas regulators, and each clock comes with a story that you can hear at the National

Lee Horrisberger
Spending Time with Dueber-Hampden
Lee is a professor at Walsh University, North Canton, OH. She was given a grant to explore a random topic using a blog and social media, and thus study  the power of the Internet. Lee chose Dueber-Hampden as her subject to learn how the company changed life in Canton, OH. This blog is an ongoing and continuing history of the Dueber-Hampden Watch Works. The results are jaw dropping! You must attend this entertaining program.

Patti Moore
Neon Clocks - The Ohio Connection
An NAWCC member for over 15 years and a Fellow, Patti developed an interest in neon clocks and soon discovered that many of these clocks were made in Ohio just across the river from Kentucky where she lives. Please come and learn about the history of these interesting companies and see the variety of neon clocks they produced. The lively presentation of these clocks will take you back to the days of your youth.