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The Tradition Continues 


The National Watch and Clock Museum is an affiliate of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc (NAWCC)—a non profit scientific organization that has united the horological interests of tens of thousands of members since 1943. Although NAWCC headquarters are located in Columbia, PA, the organization is international. Members hail from all points of the globe, including Australia, Germany, Japan, England, Canada, and the United States. The diversity of the membership, which includes professional clock and watchmakers, hobbyists, collectors, and historians, is evidence of the growing interest in horology.


For members skilled in designing, creating, or adorning timepieces, the NAWCC provides an outlet for these skills. The Crafts Contest is held annually at the NAWCC National Convention. It includes numerous entries that demonstrate high standards of workmanship. Members can compete in twenty-two categories which include specific types of movements, experimental designs, complicated movements, clock and watch cases, authentic reproductions, painted dials, gold leafing, painted case decoration, wood carving, tools, and horological novelties.


Many of the timepieces in this gallery are award winners from previous Crafts Contests. Some are the work of individual members, while others reflect the collaborative efforts of several members with specific skills in dial painting, case work, or reverse painting on glass. Their efforts demonstrate the continuation of the art and science of horology.