NAWCC Bulletin No. 350: June 2004

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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291 – The Public Time Initiative—The Idea of the Decade by Frank Del Greco
294 – Jacques David—and a Summary of “American and Swiss Watchmaking in 1876” with Emphasis on Interchangeability in Manufacturing by Richard Watkins
303 – Charles Vander Woerd’s and a Similar Patek, Philippe & Co. Compensation Balance: How Do They Perform? by Thomas L. DeFazio
314 – An Excerpt from an Interview with Ernest Drescher on the Development of Gearing Standards for the Hamilton Watch Co. by Arthur W. Zimmerla
317 – Hiram Powers by Donn Haven Lathrop
321 – Welch “Patti” Clocks & the Opera Series by Bob Reichel
329 – Craftsman Don Doyle by Arnold C. Van Tiem
331 – The Collected History and Significance of Talking Clocks by Mark B. McKinley
339 – A Railroad Watch and the Much Too Short Lives of the Two Men Who Carried It by Tom Huber
292 – The New Election Process and Call for Nominations
313 – In Memoriam—Eugene B. Lehman (IL)
316 – Book Review by Julia Mueller
320 – The National Watch and Clock Museum® by Krista DellaPolla
328 – NAWCC Volunteer Recognition Dinner
342 – The Railroaders’ Corner—“Dueber-Hampden and Its 16-Size Standard Watches, Part 2: Models 4 and 5” by Ed Ueberall and Kent Signer
354 – Research Activities and News edited by Snowden Taylor
367 – Practical Repair and Restoration—“Repairing Waltham Clock Company Weight-Driven Willard Banjo Clocks” by Andrew H. Dervan and Philip Schlike
371 – Wristwatches—“Cyma-Tavannes” by Bruce Shawkey
375 – From the Workshop by Doug Sinclair
380 – The Answer Box edited by Doug Cowan
384 – Vox Temporis—Letters to the Editor
387 – NAWCC Donor Listing
392 – Perspective by Richard Robinson
393 – NAWCC Special Meeting of Members and Special Council Meeting Minutes—February 20-21, 2004
396 – In Memoriam—John Darrow (MD)
396 – Obituaries
397 – Chapter Highlights
432 – NAWCC Staff and Committees
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