Early American Tower Clocks - 2015

By Frederick Shelley. Edited by Donn Haven Lathrop.

Published by the NAWCC in 2015. Original copyright 1999. Paperback, 280 pages, b&w, with over 240 illustrations. ISBN 978-0-9823584-9-8.

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Originally published in 1999 and until now out of print, the NAWCC has obtained the rights to republish this book through Freds son Peter Shelley.
This revision incorporates Fred Shelley’s 2002 “Early American Tower Clocks Revisited,” which was a compilation of changes and additions to the original 1999 book. In addition to “Revisited,” five makers, or companies, have been added to this revision: Josiah Green, Jonas H. Phelps & Lewis E. Gurley, Hiram Todd Dewey, John Shapley, and Sven Björklund, Peter Blomberg, & Lars Soderquist. Many additions and changes have been made to other entries, based on new information discovered in this third millennium.
The NAWCC extends much gratitude to Donn Haven Lathrop for persevering with research that resulted in revisions to enhance this book, for his careful editing of all new entries, and for his overall editorial work on this second edition. Donn also provided new cover photos for this edition, featuring a newly discovered Thomas Woolson Jr. tower clock.
Thank you also to Russell Oeschle and John Hubby for their contributions to this edition.