Delaware Clocks

by Philip D. Zimmerman (NAWCC for the Dover, DE, Biggs Museum of American Art, 2006).
9" x 12" softcover, 64 pages, and 90 photos (many in color).

Thirty timepieces, dated from 1741 to 1815—the Golden Age of American and Delaware clocks—are featured in Delaware Clocks. Most of the clocks are tallcase, but near the end of the Golden Age table or bracket clocks appeared. This trend also was happening in New England as smaller and less expensive clocks were in demand, and tall clocks were phased out because of their greater expense and difficulty in transporting them by peddlers to far distant places.
The style of imported British and European clocks was copied, but regional differences did develop among the communities of artisans who made these clocks. Square brass dials were common features in the early clocks made in Delaware. The relative standardization of clockworks and dial sizes meant that cases were pretty much the same size and interchangeable.
William Furniss; George Crow; Thomas Crow; the Odessa, DE, clockmakers Benjamin Chandlee and Christopher Weaver and the casemaker John Janvier Sr.; Duncan Beard; and James and Daniel McDowell are some of the clock and casemakers featured in Delaware Clocks.