Pennsylvania Shelf and Bracket Clocks 1750-1850

by Edward F. LaFond Jr. and J. Carter Harris(NAWCC, 2008).
8-1/2" x 11” softcover, 134 pages, and 194 black and white photos and 16 color photos.

Ed LaFond in the preface states, “The clocks in this book were produced in Pennsylvania by clockmakers trained in the traditional way. They were not produced in batches of 1,000, nor 100s, or even 10s. They were not made with even remotely interchangeable parts … probably the most prolific makers produced less than 100 shelf clocks.
“We have divided the book into two basic categories: the weight-driven shelf clock and the spring-powered bracket clock. The origins, areas of manufacture, and regional variations of each group are discussed. Information about individual makers is also presented.”