Charles Alvah Smith: Vermont Clock Maker of Unusual Wood Clock

by John M. Anderson
(NAWCC Special Publication No. 2, Autumn 1989).
8-1/2" x 11" softcover, 67 pages, and 146 photos and drawings.

Charles Alvah Smith, Brattleboro, VT, was the complete clockmaker, making the entire clock: design, movement, case, dial, weights, hardware, and embellishments. In his retirement from 1931 to 1945, he made more than 600 clocks, primarily weight-driven wall timepieces. He gained nationwide acclaim for his eye-pleasing clocks after a complimentary article in The Saturday Evening Post in January 1944.
Smith was a mechanical genius who approached clockmaking with dedication and passion. He regularly wore a vest and tie while he worked in his workshop. He was obsessed with keeping records of everything, including his expenses, cars, hunting hobby, and clock materials and parts. At his death, his grand-nephew received all the tools from his workshop.