Willard House and Clock Museum and the Willard Family Clockmakers

by Dr. Roger W. Robinson and Herschel B. Burt
(NAWCC Special Publication No. 4, 1996).
8-3/4" x 11-1/2" hardcover with slip case, 262 pages, and numerous photos, some in color.

The Willards were the premier clockmaking family in New England between 1766 and 1870. They represent the aristocracy of the makers, and their work and influence spanned three generations.
Benjamin, Simon, Ephraim, and Aaron were the first generation of clockmakers. Simon was an innovator, inventor, and dreamer. His Improved Timepieces, commonly known today as banjo clocks, are generally considered to be his most important contribution to the technology and design of American clocks.
The Willards made tallcase clocks first. Subsequent clocks included the following: 30-hour Grafton wall clocks and Massachusetts shelf clocks; gallery and tower clocks; and lighthouse and skeleton clocks.