NAWCC Bulletin No. 399: September/October 2012

Watch & Clock Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

Our sample article this issue (public view) is:
"Water Clock Making - A Second Career Realized in Retirement"
by Marshall Damerell (MD) and Kathy Cabrera (GA)
See a video by Guy Stephens on YouTube of Marshall Damerell and his clock. 

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451 - Water Clock Making – A Second Career Realized in Retirement by Marshall Damerell and Kathy Cabrera
455 - Banjo Clocks, the Colonial Revival, and Wallace Nutting by Rich Mitchell
460 - Waltham’s Pattern by Andrew Dervan
470 - Acknowledging Scottish Clockmaker John Bower (1761-ca. 1830) by Randy Jaye
481 - François Borgel, Louisa Borgel, and the Taubert Family – Watchcase Makers of Geneva, Part One by David Boettcher
508 - Dating a Gruen Wristwatch from a Wadsworth Case Serial Number by Jack Wood
511 - The Times of Their Lives: Women, Men, and the Clock and Watch Industry in Bristol, CT, 1900-1970 – Part 4 by Philip Samponara

461 - The Answer Box – The Iron Vienna by Jürgen Primas and Douglas K. Stevenson
475 - Fantastic Finds and Related Tales by Fredric J. Friedberg and contributors
479 - Mosaic – A Japanese/German Cuckoo Collaboration by Jeff Mc Guire
480 - Horology in Art – Part 4 by Bob Frishman
499 - The First One by Larry Cooper, Gerald Rogers, and Thomas Barrett
502 - Wristwatches – A. Lange and Söhne by Bruce Shawkey
506 - In Memoriam – Bernard J. Edwards Sr.
507 - In Memoriam – Robert Holmes
507 - Obituaries
524 - An Opportunity to Join the Program Committee by Pat Holloway
525 - Technical Tidbit No. 16 – Gear-Holding Techniques by Stephen Nelson
531 - Vox Temporis – Letters to the Editor
533 - Research Activities and News by Snowden Taylor and contributors
545 - State of the Association
560 - NAWCC Staff

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