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Please note that the librarians and researchers are not able to comment on the value of any timepieces.  If you are interested in a formal appraisal, a list of services can be found by searching the NAWCC Business Directory or Horology The Index.




Reference Requests for Members

The National Watch and Clock Museum Library and Research Center provides free reference services to members of the Association. Members inquiring about a watch or clock are asked to send clear photographs of their watch or clock, its dial, its movement, and any trademarks or words that appear on any of the above mentioned parts. For more information see Member Reference Requests.

Because library reference is a benefit of NAWCC membership, the Library & Research Center charges non-members a minimum reference fee of $20 for the first half hour and $40 per hour for questions requiring more than 30 minutes work.  This fee includes research conducted by the library staff and volunteer experts, scanned pages sent by email, and up to 10 photocopied pages and postage on answers sent by mail.  If the researchers feel that your question will take more than the minimum 30 minutes they will contact you before additional fees are charged. For more information see Non-Member Reference Requests.