2017 NAWCC National Convention
Arlington, Texas - June 28-July 1, 2017


June 17-20, 2015

Chattanooga, TN

Class 3 – Clock Movements – Wood


Ray Springer - #162445, ONT - 1st Place

This Hoadley wooden works movement was restored as part of the Phoenix Project, the second place winner in Class 25. The work included cleaning the parts, replacing the wheels and the damaged bushings, and adding new weight cords. The restored dial for the Twiss tallcase clock damaged by fire is the first place winner in Class 13.


Class 5 – Experimental Timepiece - People's Choice Award.

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David Weisbart, FNAWCC - #129349, CA - 1st Place

This musical skeleton clock, named “Haydn in Plain Sight”, plays a melody from the Haydn “Clock Symphony” each hour, followed by the hour strike. The hammers strike tuned aluminum chime rods, and the clock features a unique damper system which provides crisp articulation for each note — eighth, quarter and half notes ring exactly as long as the musical notation specifies, and then are stopped. An article on the clock’s creation can be found in the November/December 2015 Bulletin (No. 418).




Class 6 - Wood Clock Cases-Solid or Veneered


Thomas F. Mostyn - #26677, MD - 1st  Place

This miniature pillar and scroll clock is handmade with working movements.


Thomas F. Mostyn - #26677, MD - 2nd  Place

This miniature tallcase clock is handmade with working movements.


Thomas F. Mostyn - #26677, MD - 3rd  Place

This miniature E. Howard clock is handmade with working movements.

Thomas F. Mostyn - #26677, MD - Honorable Mention
Edward Arthur - #168728, ONT - Honorable Mention
Richard Newman - #115927, IL - Honorable Mention



Class 8 – Watch Movements


Tsutomu “Mark” Endo - #156406, NE - 1st Place

This 18-jewel doctor’s watch movement is handmade, except for the mainspring, hairspring, and jewels.

Class 10 - Watch Restoration


David Cooper, FNAWCC - #21494, CO - 1st Place

This restored antique pocket watch has a fitted bull’s eye crystal, replated outer case and pendant, sweep hand, center arbor, new minute hand, and repaired hour hand.


Class 11 - Authentic Replica Clocks


Roy Burlingame - #63833, Il - 1st Place

This is an authentic replica of an advertising clock. It has movements that not only give the time but also turn the advertising cards at set intervals for people to view.     

Class 12 – Clock Restoration


Edward W.Bikowitz, FNAWCC - #80659, MI - 1st Place

This is a restored John Birge triple-decker 8-day, weight-driven clock. The work included repairing and refinishing the veneer as well as cleaning and restoring the movement.


George Waterhouse, FNAWCC - #34079, GA - 2nd Place

This is a restored Seth Thomas pillar and scroll clock. The work includes a restored case, movement, and dial as well as reverse painting.


Roy Burlingame -  #63833, IL - 3rd Place



Randy Grunwell -  #122088, GA - Honorable Mention




Class 13 – Painted Dials


Cheryl Springer - #179278, ONT - 1st Place

This Twiss tallcase wooden works clock dial was restored as part of the Phoenix Project, the second place winner in Class 25. The work included aging the dial’s back and front surfaces and painting the dial with oil paints and gesso as per the original. The restored movement for the Twiss tallcase clock damaged by fire is the first place winner in Class 3.


Barbara J. Womack -  #18697, FL - 2nd Place

This oil painted dial titled Four Seasons shows miniatures of original scenes, including the eagle.

Class 14 – Reverse Painting on Glass


David R. Lima -  #66961, OH - 1st Place

This reverse painting is on an 11'' by 11'' glass. It has a gold-leafed circular border and stenciled corners.

Class 15 – Wood Carving


Dan J. Havlik - #121278, TX - 1st Place

This is a State Street Boston litho transfer illustration with oil paint.

Class 18 - Gold Leafing


David R. Lima -  #66961, OH - 1st Place

These gilded columns are from a miniature shelf clock. The 8" long columns have a burnished circular design.

Class 20 – Wood Carving


Thomas F. Mostyn - #26677, MD - 1st Place

This miniature Gerandal clock is entirely handmade with working movements.


Edward Arthur -  #168728, ONT - 2nd Place

This is a scale model of a Scottish drumhead longcase clock with a fluted column and a carved hood cresting made of solid veneered walnut. It stands at a height of 56" with a width of 14.6" and depth of 7.8". Its dial is 8".


Thomas F. Mostyn - #26677, MD - 3rd Place

This miniature lyre clock is entirely handmade with working movements.

Class 21 – Cast Parts


Don Bugh - #124298, TX - 1st Place

This is a resin casting of a top finial from a Joseph Mayer Ball clock.


Don Bugh - #124298, TX - 2nd Place

A pair of resin castings was made from an original lion head that adorned Brown Street clocks.



Class 22 – Horological Parts

22-1 Dulen Lee - #160083, TX - 1st Place
This brass and lead Vienna Regulator clock weight weighs 3 lb. 5 oz. and it is 1-5/8" by 4-1/2".



Ken Reindel - #38427, TX - 2nd Place
The Model 1935-60W is a clean power converter that can accurately power clocks, turntables, shavers, and other devices anywhere in the world up to 60 watts. Included are voltage, frequency, and plug-style conversion. Users who wish to automate their frequency or voltage selection can program this unit remotely.


Class 23 - Horological Tools - New or Reproduction


Tsutomu Mark Endo - #156406, NE - 1st Place

This hairspring truing caliper with needle guide can be handheld or used on a stand. Its thin and narrow arms allow for complete rotation.


Tsutomu Mark Endo - #156406, NE - 2nd Place

This mini-depth micrometer accurately measures the depth or length of narrow, small areas. A full rotation measures 0.25 mm or 0.0098". Four thimble rotations equals 1 mm or 0.039".


Tsutomu Mark Endo - #156406, NE - 3rd Place

This ratcheted key winder has a wind mainspring and set time for key-wind and key-set watches.


David Cooper, FNAWCC - #21494, CO - Honorable Mention

Roy Burlingame -  #63833, IL - Honorable Mention



Class 24 - Horological Novelties
24-1 Patricia Holloway, FNAWCC -  #165071, TX -  1st Place
This activity and coloring book was designed to instill in children an interest in and appreciation for horology.

Rebecca J. Foster - #168374, TN -  2nd Place

This is an original interpretation of a E. J. Swayne arch top shelf clock. The graceful lines of the clock inspired the framed art piece using vintage jewelry. Included were an antique pocket watch dial, hands, and bezel to add to the authenticity of the horological design. The columns are fashioned from pieces of an old bracelet, and parts of brooches, earrings, and necklaces are arranged to form the rest of the design.



Carol Tekippe - #120799, GA - 3rd Place

This creative assemblage of “found” parts was used to create a clock jewelry box.



Carol Tekippe - #120799, GA - Honorable Mention



Class 25 - Chapter Clock Restoration


Atlanta, Chapter 24 - 1st Place

The Chapter 24 project involved the restoration of a lighthouse clock. The following members participated in the project: Bernie and Byron Tekippe, Charles Brooks, Christopher Martin, William Knaak, Peter Schreiner, and George Waterhouse.


Ottawa Valley, Chapter 111 - 2nd Place

The Phoenix Project was initiated to reconstruct this historic Twiss tallcase clock owned by Esmond Butler, secretary to six Canadian governors general. The original clock was ravaged by fire, leaving only a burned movement and weights. The movement restoration was described in the Class 3 entry and the first place dial creation in the Class 13 entry. The clock case work included fabricating and installing upper case moldings on which the new hood would sit as well as the door, coiled wire hinges, an antique lock, key, and bezel. The clock works well and keeps good time.



Class 27 - Exhibition Items Only

Dr. Jerome F. Walker - #26535, TN
Gary A. Vitse - #13724, WI

Roy Burlingame - #63833, IL



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