Association Health Programs


With over 25 years of experience servicing national associations, Association Health Programs is the industry leader for providing health insurance solutions to association members by designing and recommending products tailored to each association’s member’s needs by offering, product knowledge, rate stability, buying power, and more.

Through our partnership with AHP, we are very excited to have an exclusive health insurance program available all year-round.

Many of our members will be able to save as much as 50% on their premiums. It’s a great opportunity for the members who don’t have health insurance, are healthy, and can’t afford, or don’t want to pay for, the very expensive plans offered through Healthcare Reform.

As part of a national pool (over 300 national associations) we are able to offer our members these special plans and rates.

In addition to regular health insurance, there are FIVE basic types of personal insurance. Many people don’t realize that incorporating at least one of these can help alleviate a financial hardship later on.

Disability Insurance provides you with a monthly payment which replaces part of your lost income due to an illness or injury. It allows you to maintain your standard of living if you are disabled or unable to work.

Critical Illness Insurance pays you a lump sum amount on the first diagnosis of a serious medical condition (such as cancer, heart attack, etc.) covered by your policy. The payment allows you to cover additional costs incurred by the illness or to use for any other purpose during or after your recovery.

Long Term Care Insurance provides payments if you require care in your home or in a facility, and allows you to cover some or all of the cost of long term care instead of using your savings. As a reminder, Medicare does not cover long term care.

Life Insurance pays a tax free lump sum amount to your named beneficiaries upon your death. This allows your beneficiaries to pay off your debts and maintain their standard of living after you die.

Supplemental Health Insurance covers a remaining portion of health care costs not covered by your regular health insurance, including Accident, Dental and Travel Insurance. These give you and your family access to health care you may need at home or abroad. For further information visit or call AHP at 888-450-3040.

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