The NAWCC is now listed as an approved Non-Profit beneficiary with Op4G

What is Op4G?

Op4G is a new opportunity that allows our members to join a national online marketing research group and participate in strictly-voluntary (and paid) internet-based market research anonymously at a safe and secure website. Choose to participate as much or as little as you want, take surveys, offer your opinions, and earn money while supporting select Non-Profit organizations (like the NAWCC).
Op4G makes it possible for users to earn money for themselves and their favorite Non-Profits simply by sharing their opinions. Your identity is never known and will never be sold. Plus, all research activities are determined by you at the myOp4G website, which is filled with a variety of fun information and activities.

About Op4G

It’s no secret that these are challenging economic times. Op4G’s program allows you to share your likes, dislikes, and experiences with organizations eager to pay for that insight. Not only will you be paid for it, but a portion of your compensation will be donated to the NAWCC (or another Non-Profit organization of your choosing).

How it works

Op4G (Opinions 4 Good) maintains a voluntary membership and offers access to it for consumer and market research. Advertising agencies and consumer-oriented companies do such work on a daily basis. But Op4G is different from other research companies because its membership is comprised of voluntary supporters of Non-Profit enterprises. If you choose to take part, be assured:

  1. No marketer or external third-party will ever have access to your personal information, ever. You are anonymous, identified only by the username you select.
  2. Your personal information is private because it is maintained in a secure database entirely separate from the marketing database.
  3. No one ever has access to our internal list of supporters.
  4. Everything is strictly voluntary. You get to decide what Op4G programs you want to be involved with, and you will only be contacted by Op4G based on those selections.
  5. And, finally, you will be paid for any research activity you choose to participate in with at least 25% and up to 100% going to your designated Non-Profit. Op4G is paid by its market researchers, not by taking a share of your earnings.

But it’s all up to you to decide whether to join up as an Op4G Member. You can resign your Op4G membership any time you want, and all information provided by you provided will be immediately deleted from the Op4G database (with the exception of minimal information the company is legally required to maintain).

Check them out at www.Op4G.com.