Louis Audemars Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers and the “Lost” Ledgers for Watches and Movements Made or Sold by Louis Audemars & Cie, of Le Brassus, Switzerland.


     Louis-Benjamin Audemars established his business in Le Brassus in 1811.  His sons continued the business after his death in 1833, but the company failed and was liquidated in 1885.


     There were three successor companies, established in 1885-6 by four of his grandsons:


  • Audemars Freres – defunct by about 1910 
  • Francois Audemars fils – defunct by about 1900
  • And – most confusingly:
  • Louis Audemars & Cie – also defunct by about 1900
  • A fourth successor company was established in London in about 1910 by one of Louis Audemars’ great-grandsons.

     During the 1940's Blitz in London the London offices were bombed and the 19th century archives were thought to have been lost.  However in the early years of the 21st C, some books were found with details of watches and movements made and sold by Louis Audemars & Co. from the early 1840s to 1885.


     These books enable the identification of watches and movements made and/or sold by Louis Audemars & Co. during that period, even when finished under a different name.

There are no surviving archives for any of the four successor companies.

The books have some 12500 entries, although some of them repeat in more than one book so the net content is about 5500 serial numbers.  Please note that the archive is incomplete and although perfectly authentic, many pieces are not included.


     NAWCC Members who might have one of these watches or movements are invited to send in their serial number together with a description of the piece.



     If the number is in the lists the holder of the archive (Paul Audemars, a direct descendant) is happy to provide (free of charge by e-mail) information and descriptions as available.

If signed, hard copies of ledger entries, authentications and provenances are required, there will be a nominal charge.


     The following are chargeable:


  • A signed certificate confirming an individual product with its known history.
  • Full size (Ca 30cm x 46cm) hard copy of individual page from Ledger No. 2
  • Signed copy of individual line entry or entries from Ledgers 1,3,4,5,6, or 7.
  • Copy of entry in Louis Audemars-Valette's list of notable watches.

     Quotations for certificates and for hard copies of individual records will be sent on request.


     Please email your serial number(s) and requests to Paul through the contact page of his web site (www.audemars.co.uk).


     Finally please note that there was never any corporate connection between The Louis Audemars Company (which operated from 1811 until its liquidation in 1885), and Audemars-Piguet S.A., (“AP”) founded in 1875 and which still flourishes today in the same Swiss village.  (There was a tenuous family connection in that one of the co-founders of AP was the second cousin of Paul’s great-grandfather).