ASTC Benefits

Visit Over 250 Science Centers and Museums FREE as a Benefit of Your NAWCC Membership!

The National Watch and Clock Museum® is a member of ASTC, the Association of Science-Technology Centers, Inc. As a member of the National Watch and Clock Museum® of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc., ASTC offers the Passport Program, an opportunity to visit hundreds of Science and Technology Centers and Museums in this country and around the world, at no charge.
Be sure to acquaint yourself with the admittance policies of participating Passport Program sites prior to your visit. Most sites also provide free admission to family members. New museums/science centers are continually added to this program. Announcements of new additions will be routinely published in the MART. The Passport Program entitles visitors to free general admission. It does not include free admission to planetarium and larger-screen theater presentations, nor does it include store discounts and other discounts associated with museum memberships, unless stated otherwise. Present your NAWCC membership card for admittance at participating institutions.

Passport Program

You and your family can receive free admission to over 250 science centers and museums around the world. Museums that do not charge regular admission offer alternative benefits such as store discounts or free parking. Some restrictions apply.

a) Science centers/museums located within 90 miles* of the National Watch & Clock Museum® are excluded from the Travel Passport Program.

b) To receive Passport Program benefits, you may need to live more than 90 miles* away from the center/museum you wish to visit. Those participants who strictly enforce this policy are marked with shading.

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