NAWCC Bulletin No. 433: May/June 2018

Table of Contents

Our sample article is “Lawson Clocks Ltd. of Los Angeles” by Neil L. Kuns. The article provides a written history of the company and its clocks. A treasure trove of photos is provided as well. 

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The Watch & Clock Bulletin is aware that some of its readers have visual impairments. Therefore, we have begun to experiment with sound files for Bulletin articles. This month we provide two sound files: one for “Profiles in Time: Robert C. Cheney’s Dream Job,” by Bob Frishman, FNAWCC, and the other for the National Watch & Clock Museum’s feature, “An Argument for Popular Culture,” by Rebecca Justinus. Please know that these are simply first steps – there will be glitches. Please provide any comments by emailing Editor Christiane Odyniec at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

433 SmallCover


199 The Watchmaker’s Regulator by David Walter

203 Re-creating Rittenhouse by Edward Kane

205 A William Bond & Son Chronometer and Its Service in the U.S. Navy by Burt Cifrulak

215 Timepieces in Victorian Narrative Painting by Louise Cooling

236 Progression of Wristwatch Styles: From Bracelet Watches to Smartwatches, Part 4: 1960–1979: The Bulova Accutron, Mod Era, Quartz Revolution, and Multiple Technologies (LED, Solar, and LCD) by Randy Jaye

244 The U.S. Clock & Brass Co. by Mike Bailey

252 Lawson Clocks Ltd. of Los Angeles by Neil L. Kuns

269 Colonial Manufacturing Co. All-American Regulator with Barry L. Palum’s Pinwheel Escapement Weight-Driven Movement by Andrew H. Dervan, FNAWCC*


196 The Answer Box
198 Fantastic Finds & Related Tales
225 TechTime
234 Profiles in Time
251 Poem
266 Education Workshop Schedule
267 Research Activities & News
276 National Watch & Clock Museum
277 Horologica
283 National Watch & Clock Library & Research Center
284 In Memoriam, In Memory of, In Honor of, and Obituaries
286 For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign