NAWCC Bulletin No. 432: March/April 2018

Table of Contents

Our sample article is “Illogical: What Else Would You Call It?” by Dr. Clayton Boyer. The article describes a clock that does not follow convention: a wooden-geared electric clock with contra-rotating dials and planetary gears. The mechanisms shown in the article were all imaginatively crafted by Forrest Burnett. 

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103 An Untold Story: Bulova and the Admiral Byrd Award Watch by David Hirsch

109 Illogical: What Else Would You Call It? by Dr. Clayton Boyer

123 Prominent Hall Clock in the Holden House Museum by Randy Jaye

136 Achievements of Gent & Co. / Part 2 by David Boullin

149 Robert Leslie, The Greatest American Watch and Clock Maker Ever Forgotten / Part 2 by Rich Newman

164 Progression of Wristwatch Styles: From Bracelet Watches to Smartwatches Part 3: 1940–1959: World War II, the Sci-Fi Craze, and Electric Wristwatches by Randy Jaye

170 Life IS Fair! 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition or St. Louis World’s Fair by Patricia Holloway

184 Pam Lindenberger Celebrates 40 Years with the NAWCC by Gillian Radel (PA)


100 Poem
101 Fantastic Finds & Related Tales
115 Research Activities & News
134 WatchNews
171 Vox Temporis | Letters to the Editor
172 Auction News
176 NAWCC 2017 Award Recipients
185 National Watch & Clock Museum & Library
186 Call for Nominations - NAWCC Board of Directors and Elections Committee
188 In Memoriam, In Memory of, and Obituaries
190 For All Time 75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign