NAWCC Bulletin No. 444: March/April 2020

Table of Contents

Read about an elaborate clock from The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario, in “A Unique Canadian Tramp Art Clock,” by Allan Symons.


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102 Restoration of a Boulle Clock By Daniel Y. Reuben

113 Kansas City Power & Light Custom Herschede Clock By Christine Griffen

138 Black Forest Pre-Symposium Tour By Keith Lehman

142 “A Fine Craftsman in the Best Tradition” Isaiah Lukens and His Clock-Making Trade By Elizabeth Fox

154 A Unique Canadian Tramp Art Clock By Allan Symons

161 2019 NAWCC Award Recipients

166 NAWCC Retirements By Gillian Radel


122 Vox Temporis

123 Poem

124 Tech Time

130 Fantastic Finds & Related Tales

132 Horology 1776

133 Research Activities & News

160 Horologica

166 NAWCC Workshops

168 In Memory of and Obituaries

“An 18th-Century Plantation Owner’s Watch,”