NAWCC Bulletin No. 45: October 1952

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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217 – Another Silas Burnham Terry Experimental Balance Wheel Clock by Reginald Morrell
223 – Highlights in the Annals of Watches by Daniel E. Whitford
227 – Torrington Clocks and Clockmakers by Paul Hollingshead
234 – When Is a Timekeeper a Collector’s Item? by Willis I. Milham
241 – Wooden Clock Wheels and How to Make Them by Samuel W. Jennings
244 – Dials and Dial Painting by Edwin B. Burt
247 – Timby’s Solar Time-Piece by Albert L. Partridge
256 – The Fusee Chain by Elsworth H. Goldsmith
260 – The History of the Watchmaking Industry in Switzerland from its Beginning to the End of the Eighteenth Century by Jean-Pierre Savary
262 – Review of Current Periodicals by Prof. Willis I. Milham
265 – Book Reviews by Dr. Joseph Sternfeld
267 – Message from the President by Brooks Palmer
268 – Chapter Activities
272 – Extension of Clockmakers’ List by Brooks Palmer

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