NAWCC Bulletin No. 47: February 1953

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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321 – A Letter from Tokyo by Edwin Pugsley
325 – “Grandfather Clock,” a poem by Bessie Hartling
326 – Where Is It? by Albert Partridge
327 – The Wheels in the Watch by Elsworth Goldsmith
332 – A Saga of the Restoration by Seymour Wheelock
337 – 1730 Alarm Clock by Arthur Collection
340 – Clock Articles in “The Antiques Journal” by Stewart Dow
341 – Review of Current Periodicals by Willis I. Milham
343 – Book Reviews by Joseph Sternfeld
344 – Back Numbers of the BULLETIN by Willis I. Milham
346 – Tenth Anniversary Convention
347 – President’s Message by Brooks Palmer
347 – Chapter Activities
352 – Extension of Clockmakers’ List by Brooks Palmer

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