NAWCC Bulletin No. 83: December 1959

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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16 – An “Unique” Willard Timepiece by Lockwood Barr
26 – The Regulation and Correction of Pendulums by Dr. D. L. Shaffer
30 – Clock Collecting from the New England Point-of-View by W. L. Wadleigh Jr.
35 – Perpetual-Calendar Clock Parade by C. W. Burnham
45 – A Clock of Jade by Dr. W. Barclay Stephens
47 – Humphrey Griffith (1791-1870), Indian Clockmaker by C. L. Starkey
50 – The Gothic Clock by Dr. Albert J. Frey
71 – A Weight “Steeple-Clock” by Fred S. Smith
76 – The World Clock of Jens Olsen by David R. Proper
79 – The “International Time Recorder” by Joseph R. Balt
81 – William Tuller Clock by Rudolph Gereg
3 – My Favorite Watches (Part One) by Charles Kalish
28 – Some Random Notes on Watches by Hamilton E. Pease
2 – Horological Politician by James W. Gibbs
19 – The Chemical Hazards Associated with the Restoration of Clocks and Watches by Dr. Robert L. Ravel
23 – Jacob Detweiler Custer by Samuel H. Barrington
33 – Clocks and Watches in Science-Fiction by Robert F. Tschudy
44 – Appearances May Be Deceitful by Evers Hushman
54 – A Member You Should Know (Fred W. Jauch)
58 – Answer Box
68 – New Members
70 – Temperamental “Ticker” by Juanita Mahaffey
73 – Vox Temporis
83 – Chapter Activities
99 – Review of Current Periodicals
100 – Book Review

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