NAWCC Bulletin No. 82: October 1959

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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650 – “Ignatz—The Craziest Clock in the World” by C. O. Terwilliger Jr.
660 – The Family of Skeletons by Robert A. Moore
663 – “There’s Nothing New Under the Dial” by Henry B. Fried
673 – Modern Russian Watchmaking by James W. Gibbs
676 – Self-Winding Mechanisms by Jean Louis Roehrich
667 – “Next Year in Jerusalem”—A Hebrew Clock and Watch by Dr. W. Barclay Stephens
670 – The Continuum of Time by Earl T. Strickler
672 – New Members Admitted
680 – Nature—One of Our Oldest Timekeepers by “Mr. Barny”
683 – Vox Temporis
690 – Review of Current Periodicals
694 – Chapter Activities
709 – Book Review

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