NAWCC Bulletin No. 79: April 1959

Bulletin of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, Inc.

Table of Contents

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481 – Convention Information
482 – President’s Message
483 – Indiana’s Most Famous Timekeeper by Carl L. Starkey
489 – A Skull Watch by Dr. W. Barclay Stephens
491 – A Buckeye Clockmaker (U. B. Lust) as told to Van F. Belknap
499 – Spider Web by Lockwood Barr
501 – Notes on Refinishing Clock Cases by T. F. Horton and H. J. Hicks
505 – Yankee Clocks at Old Sturbridge
508 – A Nonagesimal Autobiography by Ben R. Faville
509 – The Auburndale Rotary by David C. Olson
511 – New Members Admitted and Former Members Reinstated
514 – Answer Box by Dr. Anthony Benis and Brooks Palmer
536 – Chapter Activities
550 – The Clock in the Window by Hamilton E. Pease
551 – Vox Temporis
554 – Review of Current Periodicals by Joseph Sternfeld
558 – Book Review by Joseph Sternfeld
561 – Extension of American Clock and Watch Makers’ List by Brooks Palmer

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